CFO Advisory Services / Part-Time Controller

One of the largest challenges for a small business owner is the inability to hire a trusted financial advisor who can provide you with sound advice regarding your accounting situation. It’s an expensive endeavour, and one you may not require on a full-time basis. Clearwater Professional Corporation provides you with the knowledge of an experienced controller, within the limited scope that your small business may require. The following services can help you make the informed decision needed to help your small business prosper:

  • Cash flow monitoring - HST returns and payroll remittances can cause cash flow problems... we’ll help alleviate this.
  • Financial planning - How and where should you invest the money your company takes in?
  • Growth management - We help you find the best strategy for your company to expand.
  • Innovative suggestions - We’ll determine what can be improved from a financial standpoint.

Staying at least one step ahead of your competition is one of the many benefits of utilizing a part-time controller from Clearwater Professional Corporation... please contact us today for your CFO advisory services needs!

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